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Super Mario Bros. - Over world Super Mario Bros. - Over world

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


nice version... anyone else think this sounds like the allman brothers guitar?

Trickshot Assassin (fast rap) Trickshot Assassin (fast rap)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Hey man, love your old school beats and your cuts, gutted it took me this long to find ya.
Still going through your stuff but from what ive heard so far I think rapping faster suits you better, youve got great clarity and good accent for it, but your voice IMO is a little high pitched, when rapping fast though it suits perfectly. (try not to take offence at that).
Id possibly go just a little slower than in this rap but yeah, I liked your rapping in this better than any other so far

Fat Basses Hardstyle Fat Basses Hardstyle

Rated 4 / 5 stars

not bad

pretty dark, not too sold on the intro though dude, can hear bits and pieces that are off, kick doesnt sound right and the snares are sometimes on a weird time.
after that though its got some nice sounds to it.
can i ask where you got the samples from?

OverdoseOfficial responds:

Cheers, and there arent any pieces of the intro off as such, and if you mean the voices, i got them off a friend xD

SN | You Dun Goofed! Hardstyle SN | You Dun Goofed! Hardstyle

Rated 5 / 5 stars

you ruined my life

by making me realise i could never compete with other hardstyle artists :(

awezome track, good to see a bit of hardstyle on here, overrun by trance and dance tracks. is this all made from scratch or did you use samples with some of the stabs and hits

SessileNomad responds:

all the stabs were made by me

NJX-Distance NJX-Distance

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

nice piano rolling

alright, my first nitpick, is the piano. the melody seems ok, but the actual sound isnt right... too strong, i think piano should always be a nice subtle hint in songs unless its JUST the piano and some soft pads or something, but in this it seems too in your face, partially because of volume and also because i think the hit sounds too strong, if you can take away that initial attack of the keys then it might help, also when the piano hits higher notes it loses too much of its sound, i think you should spend some time grabbing some piano SF2's and giving them ago, not hard to find. and when your done there, im feeling a slight reverb to it aswell. now moving on, that was a pretty awesome sounding guitar solo there, and i think its also the first time iver ever heard slayer plugin sound any good (tried using it for a song of mine with apollo 440 lyrics, wasnt my best work).
The drums are awesome, they sit comfortably in the background, and with the amount of melodies you have playing i think thats a good thing, in a simpler song the drums should pop more to help keep the song solid but this is pretty busy so i think youve done well to keep them discreet. i really cant pick anythign apart other than piano sound to be honest. everything gels really well except that damn flkeys piano.

9/5 here, but since the piano rolling is so good ill 5/5 it to the left

ninjex15009 responds:

Really appreciate the detailed comment, you hit it right on the mark only its not fl keys its a sytrus setting. But the thing is i haven't mastered the song yet, well I did after submitting it.
If you could explain what sf2s that'd be great cuz i know that when you hit the higher keys you cant hear it unless its just the higher keys.

[Z]Adagio for Strings (Mix)[Z] [Z]Adagio for Strings (Mix)[Z]

Rated 4 / 5 stars


its not a bad mix, youve got the melodies right and the starting buildup is awesome, just too many bits need work, i love the silence just before thd rum comes in, but the actual drum itself doesn sound right, and i think the main tune at about 1:30 needs to get louder quicker, but smoothly and graduallty, not just sit quiet in the background then wham in your face.
i do like the dance feel at about 3.50 when it all comes together.
conclusion: good song, well done, just needs some work in the middle.
i do think you did a better job than me at it.

KI1 responds:

Oh yeah, I see what you're saying.
I guess my drum sounds a little out of place because most of the stuff I listen to and make usually has a stronger drum which can sound out of place in certain songs.
So thanks for your feedback, and I had a listen to your version, pretty good I must say :P

The Eagle The Eagle

Rated 5 / 5 stars


now thats a beautifuil sound, nothing more to say. well done

Athius responds:

Simplicity in its finest form, I guess I should say. Thanks.

The Hunt ~MB~ The Hunt ~MB~

Rated 5 / 5 stars

good job

sounds ace man,
sounds like a good movie soundtrack for one of those big slow motion entrances,
especially love the intro

~Inspiration~ -hania ~Inspiration~ -hania

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i love your work, been awhile since i visited, but i see your still producing masterpieces, ive called this one my favourite, very well written, and well composed for that matter, you have a lovely voice and its a terrible shame we have to go to newgrounds to see it and not hear it taking over radio stations. i also love the slight aussie accent that occasionally shines through, i dont know if anyone else notices it but being a fellow aussie ive noticed small hints of it comgin through at all the right times.keep up the good work, and when die (heaven forbid) i want your voice.

see you hania.


MortaL KombaT R!-miX MortaL KombaT R!-miX

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


as far as your piano rolls go its good, very standard instruments though, they all sound like 3osc defaults, i think thats analogous phattus and jr bass or intregue used through most of it, try using the sytrus plugin and trying to get some less homemade sounds. i liked the drums, the kick was ery distorted and punchy but i liked it like that, other than that id work on making the overall song a bit more involved, it seems too hollow if you get what i mean, put in some background ambient noise or a high pad or something... thats my opinion anyway, keep it up

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orken90 responds:

thx 4 tha' review...
i think thats what i've searched^^ some background ambient...

i'm gonna work on it...^^

thx <3^^